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Users need to engage participants during Zoom meetings effectively without requiring them to use second screens or switch between multiple browser tabs. This can lead to disengagement and complexity in managing online interactions.
StreamAlive is a Zoom-integrated chat tool that allows users to run polls, quizzes, word clouds, spinner wheels, and more directly within the Zoom chat. This integration means all activities are managed through the Zoom platform without additional screens or apps.
Webinar hosts, educators, and corporate trainers who conduct interactive sessions and need efficient tools to engage with their audience during virtual meetings.
Unique Features
Seamless Integration with Zoom chat, eliminating the need for additional software or screens. All interactive tools like polls, quizzes, and word clouds are accessed directly from the chat
User Comments
Enhances virtual engagement effectively.
Easy to use within Zoom without extra setup.
Versatile tools like polls and quizzes increase participant interaction.
Solves the problem of screen switching during meetings.
Positive feedback on user-friendly interface.
Newly launched on ProductHunt, the product has gathered significant attention. Specific user numbers and revenue details are not provided, but the number of reviews and interactions suggest a growing user base.
Market Size
The global virtual meeting software market, including engagement tools like StreamAlive, is expected to reach $57 billion by 2027.