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No-code AI phone assistants
# Voice Assistants
Featured on : Jul 10. 2024
Featured on : Jul 10. 2024
What is Leo?
Quickly set up AI phone assistants for making and receiving calls, no coding needed.
Businesses often struggle to handle large volumes of phone calls due to limited staff, leading to missed opportunities and customer dissatisfaction. handle large volumes of phone calls
A no-code platform that allows businesses to set up AI phone assistants, automating both incoming and outgoing calls without needing coding skills. set up AI phone assistants
Small to medium-sized businesses, particularly those with high call volumes like customer service centers, sales teams, and healthcare providers. Small to medium-sized businesses
Unique Features
The no-code aspect where no technical skills are required to implement and use the system effectively.
User Comments
Easy setup and integration.
Significantly reduces the need for human intervention.
Highly scalable for growing businesses.
Improves customer satisfaction with prompt responses.
Cost-effective solution compared to hiring more staff.
Over 1000 active users, $200k ARR, featured in major tech blogs.
Market Size
$1.3 billion by 2025