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Simple, delightful, collaborative work tracking
# Productivity Tools
Featured on : Jul 10. 2024
Featured on : Jul 10. 2024
What is Flat?
Forget bloated project management tools. Flat keeps your work organized and your team aligned without getting in your way.
Users previously dealt with bloated project management tools that were complex and intrusive, which impeded efficiency and team alignment.
Flat is a collaborative work tracking dashboard that simplifies project management by keeping work organized and maintaining team alignment effectively.
Teams and businesses of various sizes looking for an efficient and straightforward solution to manage projects without the complexity of traditional tools.
Unique Features
Simple interface, high collaboration facilitation, non-intrusive functionality.
Details on numbers of users, MRR or revenue, financing, or versioning info not specified; product potentially newly launched or information isn't publicly disclosed.
Market Size
The global project management software market is expected to reach $9.81 billion by 2026.