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Fast enough? A game to test your Stripe Checkout skills
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Featured on : Jul 10. 2024
Featured on : Jul 10. 2024
What is
Think you're a 10x engineer? Prove it! is the game that turns the mundane task of entering test credit card details into a high-stakes competition. Race against the clock and show off your skills!
Developers and engineers often have repetitive tasks such as entering test credit card details for Stripe Checkout, which can become mundane and time-consuming. Entering test credit card details for Stripe Checkout
Solution is an interactive game where developers and engineers can practice and improve their Stripe Checkout skills. It allows users to enter test credit card details in a timed, competitive environment. Participants can race against the clock and compete with others, turning a routine task into an engaging game. Practice and improve their Stripe Checkout skills in a timed, competitive game
The key customers are likely developers, software engineers, and teams working on projects that integrate Stripe payment functionalities. Developers, software engineers
Unique Features
The unique feature of is its gamification of a technical task (entering Stripe Checkout details) providing a competitive, timed environment that not only helps in training but also adds an element of fun and challenge to the learning process.
User Comments
Fun and engaging way to learn.
Helps improve speed and accuracy.
Great for team building activities.
Makes boring tasks interesting.
Could include more complex scenarios.
Newly launched on ProductHunt, gaining attention for its innovative approach. Specific traction metrics like user numbers or revenue are not mentioned.
Market Size
The e-learning market, especially tech-focused gamified learning tools, is growing. Expected to reach $325 billion by 2025.